Paul Roelen

USE: HIT Projects

During the USE: HIT Project, we did a research on the relation between skin temperature and alertness.

In the past years, researchers have struggled to figure out the ideal temperature at offices, universities, and other workplaces for people to be the most productive. To get more knowledge about this ideal temperature, it has to be investigated what the effect of the skin temperature is on one’s alertness. Unfortunately, measuring skin and body temperature during a research can be hard, due to for example external factors.
hat is why we wanted to investigate the following research questions:

 1. When measuring skin temperature, which locations on the human skin approach the core temperature the most accurate?


2. How does alertness relate to the skin temperature as measured at the found locations?


  Based on the field-study data, there seems to be a relation between skin temperature and alertness in the morning. A higher skin temperature seems to have a positive effect on response speed and therefore alertness. However, it is not possible to determine a relation between skin temperature and alertness during the rest of the day.



Final Report


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