Paul Roelen

Internship Balini

I think I can look back on an informative, surprising and horizon-broadening internship at Balini Productinnovatie, that gave me an insight in what design is like in practice, and what it involves. What it is like to fulfill the role of a designer in a design team and what a post-study environment can bring or requires.

Overall I think doing an internship was a major step in the connection between the study and becoming a designer in practice. Getting to know a professional and commercial way of working brought a lot of insides. Among others, these form the basis to make a considered choice for the future. I feel like I am able to compare advantages and disadvantages of different ways of working, for example at the TU/e and within a company.

All the information and insights I gathered the past 2,5 years is going to be applied and examined the next semester. I think, adding the experience of an internship makes me able to look from a lot of different perspectives. After my next semester, I hope that I will be able to start my master to keep on gathering experience on designing small but prominent consumer products, something I started on just yet.


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