Paul Roelen

Interactive Playground

Playful campus is a project where the possibilities for sport campus ‘De Braak’ are explored. To motivate people to do sports, ‘de Braak’ sport campus will be equipped with a system that brings people from different interests, neighborhoods and ages together.

We were asked to investigate what kind of system or which characteristics could realize this goal. To answer these questions we have researched the difference between open and closed-ended play, making use of comparable technology that will be used in ‘De Braak’. To get started we have tested with children age 8 to 10, since they are most likely to engage in play.

Even though it has been verified that open-ended play can arouse motivation, the comparison between open- and closed-ended play is never examined. To get more knowledge about the possibilities for ‘de Braak’, we explored both closed- and open-ended play and evaluated the properties of both.



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