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If you had to pick one thing that unites the majority of people, what would it be? Music. Nowadays, there are very little people who don’t listen to music. For many, it has become synonymous with homework, running or travelling. 

That last case is a curious one: people listen to music because there’s nothing else to do in a train, for instance. But there is one other thing they could do to pass time: talking to fellow travellers. Why don’t they do it then? Because people are uncertain how to start and how to maintain a conversation. 

That’s what our concept, Hapto, aims to improve. Hapto gives you a meaningful topic to talk about: shared music taste. When the device finds another person who has a musical taste similar to yours, you’ll be notified. If you feel like talking, you can walk over to that person by following the compass on Hapto. You’ll have the certainty that your music matches with the other’s taste. And then, a simple “Hey, what’re you listening right now?” can break the ice. 

To provide people with the means to interact more easily in public environments. That is our mission.

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