Paul Roelen

From Idea to Design



If I’d ask you to go somewhere and do something right now while keeping your eyes closed, would you be able to? You might be able to navigate yourself through well-known surroundings, but how about unfamiliar environments?

Even for blind people with a lot of experience, moving around can be quite a hassle. Most people who are visually impaired don’t want to be dependent, they don’t always want someone’s help. But because they don’t know where to go in a strange environment, they need some help from other people. 

With our product we want to build upon the already established system/network/infrastructure for blind people. 

We’ve developed an informative system for the visually impaired using tags and tiles on the street that contain RFID chips. These store information which can be obtained by the user by scanning the tiles with our device attached to their cane. The chips contain information about directions, street names, traffic situations, traffic-lights and travel information. Some tiles can be interacted with by pushing buttons on the cane, to request elevators for example.

In this way users can get more information about his/hers surroundings, they know where they are,  where to go and where to find certain things.


Final Report

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