Paul Roelen



When ordering a drink at a festival bar, have you ever felt you’re the only one the bartender doesn’t seem to notice? You feel that you really have to do everything you can to get his attention. And you’re always the one that has to wait forever, whereas other customers arriving later get helped first?

Or are you bartending at a huge festival and so many customers want to order at the bar, you completely forget who was first in line, making you insecure and customers impatient?

You’re not the only one.

The solution is a bar counter that visualizes the waiting queue in front of the bar, so that both the bartenders and the customers are able to see it. The longer a customer is waiting relatively to others, the larger and warmer its element becomes. The counter is a visualization on its own, but contains a lot of information as well. The bartender is confident knowing which customer to help first, so next to entertaining customers in the incredibly boring waiting line, no one has to be anxious to be left out.

So how would this work in practice?

The visualization increases awareness in an entertaining way and guards social justice in front of the bar, which makes skipping the line worthless. This enhances the customer waiting experience on the one hand and the bartenders working environment on the other hand. Improving the overall atmosphere at a festival bar.

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