Paul Roelen

Engineering Design

In this multidisciplinary design project I had to design, create and evaluate an autonomous active sports-aid for people with a physical of metal disability.

With the help of a prescribed seven-phase design process we, as a group, improved the ability to create something new, formulate design goals, handle external and internal constraints, manage time and combine multidisciplinary strengths.

The phases we had to go through were: Formulating a design question, Concept phase, Preliminary design, Detailed design, Realization, Testing, Evaluation.

The course contained a 30% individual and a 70% group assessment combined.

We designed a wristband that could help deaf people integrate in a hearing football team. The design consisted of 4 different LEDs with which the coach could communicate to the deaf player. A certain combination of LEDs represented a certain coaching tip or comment that could help the deaf person in the field.


Final Report

Final Poster

Midterm Poster