Paul Roelen

Design <> Research

Design Research can be conducted in many different ways, depending on the purpose of the work. The research can be focused more on generating useful input for design, or just a certain design outcome. It is important to understand how to conduct design research by making sure you have a good mapping between the design research question, the procedure and the design that you use in your research.

Different perspectives on the design and research process are introduced through lectures, hands-on activities and reading material. To get familiar with the theory we ran our own research through design process, investigating 
How does increasing the time needed for opening a private message influence the threshold for reading a message?
by following the steps below:

Formulating a design question, setup a corresponding protocol, analyse the data collected and come to valid answers and how to communicate about the design research.

Along with the documentation of this research, a personal essay concerning the purpose of design research was examined.


Final Paper

Personal Essay

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