Paul Roelen




Self-driving vehicles are the future. At least, that is what we think now. We imagine the world to have a safer traffic system, with computers driving cars rather than human-beings (Saltzman, 2018).

During the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019, the squad Smart Mobility was given a design-case for Daimler:

‘If the car would be an autonomous pod, a private 
space on wheels, how would you utilize a volume of 1.60mx2.00mx1.20m (WxLxH).’

First, we designed the interior of the car: what will the car of the future look like when the steering wheel in the car is no longer needed? Considering all circumstances, such as expected user, expected use and expected costs of the vehicle, we came up with a design for the interior.

Since we wanted to take an innovative step in the design of the future self-driving vehicle, we decided to focus on a specific part of this interior: interaction between the user and the vehicle. This resulted in redesign the control panel within the car, to make it suitable for our specific user in the future. The final design is a cylindrical control system, focusing on the most-used functions of a car.



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