Paul Roelen

Behavioral & Social Theories of HTI

Behavioral & Social Theories of Human Technology Interaction  is an on insights from psychology and sociology focused course. I learned about the basic areas of psychology and their applications to designing technology. These include: an introduction to psychological science, person perception, emotion, social learning, concepts, emotions social cognition and social influences.

The course taught me a scientific basis for more specific applications in the domain of human-technology interaction and technological innovation. In a group, we analyzed how social persuasion can be used in novel technologies to influence human behavior.

Furthermore, I have focused on insights from sociology and social network analysis and apply them to the design, diffusion, and use of technologies. I learned how the social context affects the adoption and diffusion of innovations and how it affects the way humans utilize technologies.

In a group, we applied sociological theories to provide recommendations on the design of a new technology


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