Paul Roelen

Basic Formgiving Skills

In the Basic Formgiving Skills course I have learned about the building blocks of form and how theur subtleties impact the expressive qualities of a design. I got an understanding of the basics of different aspects of formgiving, including: form abstraction, integration, analysis, perception and families, materialization, proportions and dimensions. I have acquired these basic formgiving skills through making and visalizing, as can be seen in the pictorial in the download section.

I can use different materials with different compositions and form transitions to give values, qualities and characteristics to a model, that support the experience of, and the idea behind, a model.

I improved working with my hands and non-computer controlled machinery, different materials and tools. I got familiar with starter mistakes and how to prevent them from happening. I learned to make a building plan, which can save you a huge amount of time and mistakes.

I look at existing products in a new, rather analyzing, way. Moreover, I observe how certain products obtain certain appearances. I developed a critical look, also when looking at my own products. 

This course helped me defining the clean, simple and smooth look even more, as well as the look and feel of a product.



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