Paul Roelen

3D Printing

Over the courses, my interest for 3D modelling grew. Along with that, the interest in 3D printing the models I made. The result of this was the purchase of the Wanhao i3 plus 3D printer. A lot of finetuning, test prints and fails I was able to use it to communicate my ideas. Of course a 3D model gave insight in the proportions and dimensions of the model, but the tangible and getting to use part lacked.

After using the printer over and over again I experimented with different materials. Other plastics, but also wood-alike material. I also experimented with the finishing of the prints. Since their finish is by far not as smooth as finished wood. Sanding, priming, filling and painting as well as acetone vapor smoothing improves a lot on the finish of the print. This can give my prototypes an extra value or dimension.

With the obtained experience I also started to help others realize their models, which lead to setting up my own 3D printing service.

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